Your Favorite Game Of Thrones Character Look Absolutely Adorable After Using The Baby Filter!


Snapchat Baby Filter has been the recent trend, and we totally love it. So, we thought why not use this opportunity and see how our favorite characters from our favorite movies and TV series looks like. Especially, the favorite show of the majority of the people in this world, Game of Thrones. So, have a look at these adorable pictures of your favorite characters!

These Game of Thrones characters look so cute after using the Snapchat Baby Filter, which one of them is your favorite?

1. Sansa looks like an angry little girl whose mommy didn’t get her the doll she wanted.

2. Missandei looks even cuter in this filter, aww can I please pull your cheeks?
3. This cute little wilding looks adorable in this filter.

4. Asha looks as tough as she is as an adult, nobody messes with her!

5. This baby girl looks even more little in this filter, but still the bravest of them all.

6. I’ve always loved Tyrion and now even more so.

7. If you tell me this cute little guy is a Kingslayer I’d say you’re mad. But, did you notice something? Doesn’t he look a bit like Jeoffrey? Well, he’s his dad after all!

8. Jon Snow, you’re one adorable little chubby kid who absolutely knows nothing.

9. Mother of the dragons? More like baby of the dragons!

10. Rob Stark looks so cute in this filter. Oh, you handsome little wolf!
baby filter
11. Cersei looks mean as hell but definitely cuter than she is as an adult.
baby filter
12. Oh the brave Lady Knight, you look absolutely like a sweet little angel.
baby filter
13. Arya already looks like a cute little girl. But now nothing beats her cuteness!
baby filter
14. The Red Woman, correction, the really cute red woman.
baby filter
15. Honestly, I’ve really never liked this guy. And now he looks even meaner.
baby filter

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