This YouTuber Pretends To Have $3x With His Friend’s Sister & The Prank Goes Horribly Wrong


10. Then he rips the sheets off his sister, only to see that she’s fully clothed. 

prank on friend's sister

11. Joel falls to the floor laughing while Max realizes that he has been fooled once again. Max was very angry but luckily there were no punches thrown and he calmed down. 

prank on friend's sister

12. The two went back to being friends like nothing ever happened. This isn’t the firs time for Max. He has been fooled by Joel many times.

prank on friend's sister

Source: JMX

Well, not every brother is as cool as Max. This friend’s sister prank could have risked this YouTuber his life but still, he pulled it off successfully without getting a single punch on the face. To all the pranksters out there, try to be a little creative than being an a**hole. You can’t just say, “look, there is a camera. You have been tricked.” Do you think these lines will calm down a person’s anger?

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