About us

Life is better when you are laughing. The sound of laughter is like the vaulted dome of a temple of happiness. To share & create this happiness is what our goal is all about. Sarcasm by Digihood Media is all about spreading happiness.

Digihood Media is the only agency which has more than 60 million followers all over social media platforms in India. We are getting into our 3rd year and our horizon just widens making us strong with our vision and hence allowing us to offer the bouquet of services than just entertainment. We promote Talent – be it any kind – comedy, dancers, singers, exclusive musical bands or unique act. We consult a right artist based on the line of an event. We would recommend the artist who would fit the bill rightly. We believe in exploring new avenues in talent and celebrity management and take it to the next level. We look forward to experiment and keep challenging ourselves to explore more and create new benchmarks in the industry.

With the growing Social Media platform, we have kept ourselves on the edge and have a fan page over 40 Million plus followers , a website with minimum 1 million visitors daily just proves everybody needs happiness and people crave for entertainment. We have a team of expertise who manage these platforms with various inputs right from creating content which would make you laugh to research, trending jokes, gossips; movie reviews or anything that we know would bring a smile on your face or add any value to your thoughts or helping you pick a movie to watch. You will find it all over here, making Sarcasm your complete dose of daily entertainment. Did you laugh today?

Our Founders:

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Rakesh Prasad

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