Here’s What the Cast of FRIENDS Doing Now.



We have laughed at Chandler’s wit, we have cried when Ross and Rachel broke up and we have spent our amazing ten years with them. We have grown with them.

But where are they now? Is Matt LeBlanc still our same old Joey? Where did Lisa Kudrow go? Is she still our jumpy, loving Phoebe?

Here’s what the most beloved group of friends doing now.

 Courtney Cox


Our control freak Monica did critically acclaimed movie Scream and its three sequels, for which she earned good reviews. Scream is also where she met David Arquette, who she married in 1999. They separated in 2013, Courtney has a daughter with David, Coco Arquette.
Later Courtney went on to produce and star in Cougar Town, a sitcom about a 40-something-year-old divorcee and her friends. The show was a great success. She was engaged to Johnny McDaid for a while.

David Schwimmer

Lover boy and dinosaur-dude saw endless divorces on the show, while in real life David has been married for just one time to Zoe Buckman.
Besides acting and directing FRIENDS, he starred in American Crime Story, Robert Kardashian, 30 Rock, Entourage and many other TV shows. He was also the giraffe’s (what was his name?) in Madagascar.
Good catching up, Ross!


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