These Are The Best And Arguably The Worst Face Swaps Ever Done With Kids. 


Taking pictures with your kids has been the norm since before the age of smartphones. But those old camera did not have this special feature : Face Swaps!

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1. Face Swapping Your Wife And Daughter’s Face Is Never A Good Idea. 

Kids face swaps


And that had been proven in this case.

2. This Has To Be The Worst And Yet At The Same Time The Best Face Swaps I’ve Ever Seen. 

Kids face swapsvia

Unsuspecting kids have no idea what’s going on.

3. Oh My God. This Kid’s Face Alligned Perfectly On His Body. 

Kids face swapsvia

When we were kids. We didn’t have this luxury. We would have to make weird faces to ruin a photo.

4. Some Kids Look Legit In These Face Swaps. I Mean They’re Still Horrible But The Kids Look Like They Are Actually Adults.

Kids face swapsvia

Just look at his face!

5. Oh Look. It’s My Son Holding My Dad. Oh Wait. 

Kids face swapsvia

On first glance it looks completely normal doesn’t it?

6. It Was Time To Leave. Thomas Had Seen Everything. 

Kids face swapsvia

I’ve got the theme song of this cartoon stuck in my head now. These face swaps are getting creepy.

7. This Is Taking “Let’s Put A Smile On That Face” A Bit Too Far. 

Kids face swapsvia

You’re supposed to make him laugh grandma not have face swaps with him!

8. As I Said. These Face Swaps Are Getting Creepier By The Minute. 

Kids face swapsvia

This just awful. Holy shit.

9. Both Of Them Look Like Monsters From Your Worst Nightmare. 

Kids face swapsvia

Who came up with the idea of face swaps anyway? Did he ever think that his invention would give birth to these abominations?

10. Don’t Mind Grandpa He Just Wanted To Be A Young Boy Again. 

Kids face swapsvia

Some would say he’s still a kid at heart.

11. I Think I Have Developed A Phobia Of Taking Pictures With Kids Now. 

Kids face swapsvia

This is the stuff of nightmares.

12. Oh Hey George Bush Is In The House Too. 

Kids face swapsvia

That baby hates him.

13. Think About This. Someone Took The Time And Effort To Create This Flawless Face Swap. 

Kids face swapsvia

God I love the internet.

14. What Has Been Seen, Cannot Be Unseen. 

Kids face swapsvia

Good luck erasing this from your memory.

15. Bruh. The Girl Looks Like She Was Made In A Factory. 

Kids face swapsvia

She looks like a legit Barbie without the makeup.

16. Some Kids Are Not Comfortable With Face Swaps. 

Kids face swapsvia

This baby looks like one of them.

18. That Cat Looks Quite Happy. 

Kids face swapsvia

The baby looks like she is from a planet where humans and felines evolved into one intelligent humanoid.

19. Both Of Them Look Unhappy To Be There. 

Kids face swapsvia

You stole my face Santa no fair!

20. This Is Going To Give Me Nightmares. 

Kids face swapsvia

No more!


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