This Bride Chose Her Male BFFs To Be Her Bridesmaids At Wedding And The Pictures Are Too Cute


Wedding, this word in itself gives you many expectations even when you’re not those two people who are a part of it. But when you’re a bride or a bridegroom it’s even more awesome. Weddings have all the celebrations of one’s life and so it has to be something special and everything in it must be worth remembering. This young lady, Rebeca Sinohara from Itajubá, Brazil did something incredible as a bride to make her wedding memorable.

Usually, when you hear of bridesmaids you imagine them to be the friends or family or some professional women only. But she moved one step ahead in this thing and decided to choose her male BFF as her bridesmaids. And surprisingly these BFF’s happen to be males so thins completely changes the meaning of the word in itself. It should be changed to “brides manservant” in this particular case. Them all being friends and also an amateur in doing makeup makes it even cuter and adorable to watch them.

Let’s take a look at these amazing pictures of her being transformed into a complete bride by her bridesmaids.

1.The Issue

Último dia na nossa antiga casa… saudade!

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Rebeca Abrantes (now Sinohara) happens to be the youngest daughter in the family and it was her wedding time, but she doesn’t have enough female friends to ask to be her bridesmaids.

2. Her Story

Sábado na pracinha 🙂

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She’s a 24-year-old Compter Science student.

3. Her Friends.

Quero voltar! :,)

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Her class consists of mainly 4 females and 56 males, so she can’t have many mainstream close female friends.

4. Her Approach

Não sei ser modelo

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Unlike any of us, she didn’t go upset or anything but she rather asked five of her best male friends to join in as her bridesmaids and like good friends, they agreed to help out the bride and their friend.

5. Cucumber Goggles!


Nothing can pleasure your eyes more than them on a day full of heat.

6. Drink’s break!


Among all the hairy people lies the only bride who has to look awesome. 


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