Are These Confessions About Being Under Anesthesia Real? Check Them Out


All drugs have their effect. Or to correct me- “All drugs have their CRAZY effects”.  And when you’re forced to take anesthesia at the hospital, your mouth won’t stay calm. Here are a few crazy confessions about what people did when they were under anesthesia.

  1. confessions under anesthesia

So basically, there are a lot of questions in my mind for this lady- Were you happy about it? Who reminded him? Did he know how to breathe or did someone train him for that too?

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What did you want to do? Buy the radio station companies? It happens to normal humans when they are already sad and somebody plays a cliché romantic song.

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Firstly, that is one of the creepiest confessions made by people who went under aneshesia. And what did the nurse reply to this guy?

4. confessions under anesthesia via

Basically, you turn into a crazy person who speaks a lot when under anesthesia. So please tell us who would really respond to such questions of people making such confessions.

5. confessions under anesthesia


Confessions about going under anesthesia like these, are the reason why people really fear getting surgeries that demand the patient to go under anesthesia.

6. confessions under anesthesia


Just be happy that your surgery is over. The nurse could have messed up things for you. 


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