These 13 Creepy Wikipedia Pages Will Keep You Up At Night!


Have you ever come across something on the net that didn’t let you sleep at night? I have. But I’m not talking about the cliched horror stuff. These things are not paranormal, but they are definitely creepy enough to keep you up at night. Listed below are some really creepy Wikipedia pages that you will not forget anytime soon!

Don’t dare to search these creepy Wikipedia pages if you want to sleep at night!

1. Mellified Man.

As creepy as the name sounds, the incident is far more horrific. This substance was supposedly an ancient medicinal substance that was obtained by steeping a recently deceased body in honey for over a hundred years!

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2. Who Put Bella In The Witch Elm?

creepy wikipedia pages

We are all aware of the Salem Witch trials, aren’t we? Well, this is way after that. In 1941, a dead body of a woman was found inside a tree in UK. But a few years later a graffiti began to appear all over the town, “Who put Bella in the Witch Elm?”. The last message was found in 1999 demanding justice for Bella.

3. Tanganyika Laughing Disease.

Death by laughter, we often joke about it don’t we? But what if it spreads like an epidemic? In 1962, the young people of a village in Tanzania were affected by bursts of uncontrollable laughter. For no reason.

4. Alien Hand Syndrome.

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No it isn’t about ET, though rarely found,  is a rare neurological disorder that causes a person’s hand to move without them being aware or in control of the action.

Wanna hear something spooky?

“One patient was observed putting a cigarette into her mouth with her intact ‘controlled’ hand, following which her alien left hand came up to pull the cigarette out of her mouth and toss it away before it could be lit by the dominant right hand. The patient then surmised that “I guess ‘he’ doesn’t want me to smoke that cigarette.”

5. Robert J White.

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Doctors are known for their incredible discoveries aren’t they? Well, this doctor is famous for being barbaric. He tried to perform a human head transplant on a monkey in 1970.

6. Mercy Brown Vampire Incident.

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Vampires may look all romantic and cool, but this incident isn’t. In 1892 a family exhumed their daughter, who died of tuberculosis. They believed that she was a vampire, and had performed numerous rituals to banish the manifestation. Do read the rituals once!

7. Amelia Dryer.

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The chilling story of a serial killer is all you want to read at night. Amelia Dryer, was charged with the murder of more than hundred human infants. Desperate mothers gave money and their illegitimate infants to her and all she did was to kill them and pocket the fee.

8. Spontaneous Human Combustion.

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This is one of terrifying and creepy Wikipedia pages, cases of living or recently diseased human beings bursting into flame without any source of ignition. DEAR GOD NO.

9. Sedlec Ossuary.

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The Sedlec Ossuary is a Catholic chapel in the Czech Republic that is decorated almost entirely with human skeletons.

10. Euthanasia coaster.

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Well, if you are fan of Final Destination, then you should definitely read this one. A PhD candidate at the Royal College of Art in London made a scale model of a roller coaster designed to kill everyone who rode it.

11. The Dyatlove pass incident.


Nine skiers were found dead north of the Ural mountains in February of 1959. The theories on what caused their deaths range from the paranormal to radiation.

12. June and Jennifer Gibbons.

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‘The Silent Twins’, only communicated with each other. Eventually, they agreed that one must sacrifice herself so the other could live a normal life.

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