8 Donald Trump Quotes That are Absolute Rubbish


Donald Trump. The name itself triggers all the wrong emotions that a human body can emit.

The man is a myth and surprisingly enough, he is the face of the upcoming US Presidential elections. With the way things are progressing and the good luck that stupidity assures, Donald Trump might just become the next US President.

Alarming as it sounds, people still cannot understand one thing – why Trump? Next thing you know they will observe a Kanye West promoting himself for the 2020 elections. Enough with this mess already. Apart from being (un)popular for his weird hairdo, Trump is also pretty notorious for his absurd quotes. Quotes that he boasts on almost every relevant thing, rendering it completely useless!

We list down 8 of his eeriest quotes that we, the people, have been subjected to – time and again.

1. “It’s very hard for them to attack me on looks, because I am so good looking.”

Donald Trump Quotes
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I am not even joking, he really said that.

2.“I have a great relationship with the Blacks.”

Donald Trump Quotes

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Sounds a tad too racist, anyone?


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