Dubai Prince Captured Pictures Of Morning Fog From A Skyscraper And The View Is Spectacular


Fog has a habit of spoiling building views, but sometimes it gives a spectacular sight if you happen to be on the top floor of a skyscraper in Dubai. The Dubai Prince has shared some pictures of skyscrapers covered with fog on his Instagram account, and it looks breathtaking.

The royal Dubai prince, Sheikh Hamdan popularly known asFazza is an active social media user with millions of followers. He posted the spectacular video of heavy morning fog from a skyscraper holding a cup of tea. The heavy fog may have caused traffic congestion, but being a Dubai prince has it’s perks, having access to the highest points of Dubai’s skyscrapers.

Take a look at these pictures of heavy fog captured by Dubai Prince. The view is mesmerizing.

1. The morning tea goal

dubai prince fog pictures


2. Truly mesmerizing 

dubai prince fog picturesvia

3. The Sea of clouds

dubai prince fog pictures



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