16 Everyday Items With Secret Uses You Probably Never Knew Had A Purpose


There are just so many everyday items that we used regularly without knowing it’s secret uses that we had no idea about. We often use our everyday items without asking any questions or knowing any secret uses except for the uses we see labeled on them. After all, we’ve been using these random everyday items all our lives, right? Well, not so much. And you’ll realize it after knowing about the secret uses these everyday items has!

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So there are plenty of secret uses of the everyday items you use, you might not know about that’ll make life ten times easier. Check them out below!

1.The little pocket on the jeans

We’re all used to seeing these tiny pockets on our jeans but we never bothered to find out what they’re there for. Turns out, it’s a spot saved for your pocket watch when the jeans were first invented back in 19th century.

Everyday Items With Secret Uses

2.Use the hole in a panhandle to stop your spoon dripping

Need a place to rest your spoon when you’re not stirring your sauce? You already know where to keep it! Yes, the hole in the handle of your pan.

Everyday Items With Secret Uses

3.The hole in the lid of the ballpoint pen.

Think the hole in the lid keeps the ballpoint from drying out or keep the pressure balance that minimizes the risk of leaking? The reason behind it is totally different from what you’ve been thinking all your life! It’s there to lower the risk of suffocation. If a small child was chewing on the cap and choked on it, the hole keeps their airway from closing up entirely.

Everyday Items With Secret Uses


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