17 Most Hilarious Sarcastic Comebacks That Will Make You Go ROFL!


17 Most Hilarious Sarcastic Replies

Sarcasm – for handling those who are a pain in your a*s. For those who consider themselves too smart. To escape an inescapable situation. In order to escape that stupid question. Well, to be honest, sarcasm is like a personal weapon against the one’s who try to create more misery in your already f*cked up life. Be it that annoying workload given by  not-at-all caring boss or that annoying and clingy girlfriend or boyfriend.But being sarcastic is not everyone’s cup of tea, as sarcasm is possessed by people with great wit. You already know how sarcasm is like medicine for stupidity. Yes, yes, exactly what you are thinking. Think no more.

Look at these hilarious sarcastic replies. Tell us which one you liked the most.

1. —_—      —_—

Hilarious Sarcastic Replies


2- Such A Genius. Who else Is Already A Fan.?

Hilarious Sarcastic Replies


3- Seriously Dude…!!! (Including this one because you won’t mind laughing)

Hilarious Sarcastic Replies


4- Noted This One – Fellas Be Careful.



5- RIP Though.

Hilarious Sarcastic Replies


6- Siri, You Hurt Me.

Hilarious Sarcastic Replies


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