Jennifer Lopez’s Twins Look Absolutely Ravishing Over All These Years!


Jennifer Lopez and her ex-husband Marc Anthony seems to have successfully transferred their legacy to their kids Max and Emme. We cannot resist crushing upon Jennifer Lopez’s twins who have Style, talent and glam running in their veins. Her fans are wholeheartedly waiting for 22nd February to have a glimpse of 9th Birthday of their most favorite mini-mes! On the top of that, she has been an inspiration for the worldwide mommies. Undoubtedly she has proven herself a ‘Complete Package’. J.Lo is a Singer, dancer, fashion designer, actress, author and an efficacious Mother. Claps!

Over past few years, she has been treating her fans by posting enthralling pictures of her adorable twins. Over these years Jennifer Lopez’s twins have grown up to look different altogether.

  • Daughter of this Iconic mom looks equally stunning as her. She has got her face, her hair and what not! This Bella has for sure taken over her Mommy’s show.
Jennifer Lopez's twins.



  •   J.Lo’s son is equally cute and enticing. He’s surely gonna be the Future Ladies Man! Just like rest of the family. he’s an eye-candy and grabs the attention.

    Jennifer Lopez's twins.Via

  • Dressing up like their parents. Although Jennifer and Marc are no longer married but their kids have got traits from both of them. They dressed up like their parents for J’Lo’s first show back in Vegas. Style and glam were for sure taken over from their Mom and Dad’s closet.

Jennifer Lopez's twins. Via 


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