Photos Of A Steel Factory In China Are Haunting, Looks Like The End Of The World


16. Waste coal getting dumped

Haunting steel factory in china


17. Another illegal steel factory

Haunting steel factory in chinavia

The Steel industry in China has developed over several decades into the world biggest. China accounted for over 50% of world steel production in 2013. The ambitious carbon cutting target is geared towards combatting climate change, however, it makes the future uncertain for these steel factory workers after looking at this haunting pictures.

These pictures were taken in the days leading up to the announcement of the agreement for China cutting its carbon dioxide emissions by the time 2020 rolls around. China’s leadership has stated that any change in US climate policy will not affect its commitment to implement the climate action plan. These pictures are definitely haunting and threat to mankind. We don’t need to wait for governments to find a solution, each individual can bring an important help adopting a more responsible lifestyle.


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