Shocking: This Rich Man Sleeps With At Least Four Women Every night And His Wife Doesn’t Mind.


You might have heard of Dan Bilzerian – the self-proclaimed ‘King of Instagram’, guess what? He isn’t the only one to show off as there is a new competitor on Instagram. This Australian Billionaire is giving tough competition to him. Billionaire Travers Beynon has revealed that he sleeps with at least four women every night and his wife has no problem at all. His notorious lifestyle has caught everyone’s attention and after seeing the images below you can totally figure out that he is too respectful to women.

Meet another self-proclaimed king of Instagram. This rich man sleeps with at least four women every night and his wife is totally cool with it.

1. Heir and managing director to the Free Choice tobacco empire, Travers Beynon has branded himself as “The Candyman”. He has become notorious for his hedonistic lifestyle and he keeps flaunting it on social media. 

man sleeps with four women

2. Beynon has been with his wife Taesha since 2011. Taesha has no issues with him sleeping with other women.

man sleeps with four women
Beynon with wife Taesha via

3. He has named his mansion as Candyshop mansion. He throws parties almost every day.


rich man sleeps with four women  


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