11 Sad Snapchat Features Every Snapchat User Faces! #6 Is A Serious Problem!


The world of Snapchat is the best place people love to hop in these days. Be it hanging out with your bunch of friends on a beach, eating, dancing, new clothes nothing can be kept aside. When it comes to clicking and sharing your stuff and life Snapchat features are at your rescue. It has created a revolution amongst the new generation. A sheer obsession everyone is busy with.

Snapchat has caused FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) amongst the teenage and other groups.Snapchat features fuels up one’s emotions. It can make you go high with your life or inject you towards a phase of loneliness.

Your friends are enjoying a party with another gang but you were not invited. You and your gang are busy chilling out at a rock concert and the Snapchat moments are being posted along the stories. The Snapchat features are like a gun’s trigger. It can blow your mind or create inevitable inhibition.

Let’s have quick look at few of the sad Snapchat features

1. Chat disappear

Your chats disappear once you open it. This is the biggest Snapchat feature for which it is loved. Your snaps last only for a while.

Sad Snapchat features
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2. Screenshot

Anyone can screenshot your embarrassing pictures. That’s really sad.

Sad Snapchat features
Source: Instagram

3. Save a chat

You need to save or screenshot your chats else it goes away. Snapchat won’t save a chat or a snap unless you ask you to do.

Sad Snapchat Moments
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