These Unbelievable Photos Will Hurt Your Brain


Just like you get mesmerized by looking at a perfectly captured photo, these photos are so unbelievable that you might need to look at them thrice to understand what is going on. The reason can be odd timing or irregular placement simply so bizarre that you will hate yourself when you ultimately figure them out.

Image Source: Providr

1. Whose head and body is that?

Some unbelievable photos

No judgements, whatsoever. This is either a male with a female body or vice-versa.

2. Did you count the number of fingers?

Some unbelievable photos

This is just a body art to amaze as well as confuse you.

3. Apparently, crows are really smart

Some unbelievable photos

Instead of tiring itself out, it took a ride from the vulture. The vulture agreed to help.

4. A cow fight

Some unbelievable photos

Seems like cows are not always the generous and peaceful creature. The dogs were fighting in front of it from a very long time, it got irritated and decided to scare them away.

5. Glowing mushrooms

Some unbelievable photos

You usually see them in video games but these are a real thing. In some forest you see them glowing at night leading your way an added to the enchantment.

6. A magical hidden city

Some unbelievable photos

Although it seems an aeroplane flying to a magical city hiding among the clouds. It is just the reflection of Chicago city on Lake Michigan. These are not even clouds bat waves. Look at the picture upside down.

7. Rising from the sea

Some unbelievable photos

When it becomes too much to rent a house, you may probably go into the sea to live like this.

8. Wait, what?

Some unbelievable photos

No matter how long you look at this unbelievable picture and try to figure out, chances are you will never get it. That is what abstract arts are for. It is just a recreation of a classic painting by Napoleon Bonaparte, drawn with the help of artificial intelligence.

9. A perfect photograph or something else?

Some unbelievable photos

Well, do you see any camera reflection? It is because this is not a photograph but a photo-realistic oil painting by artist Pedro Campos.

10. What if I say there is no waterbody in the image?

Some unbelievable photos

The boy is just lying down on the branch of an uprooted tree. Tilt the image and you will get it.

11. Moments before a wave is about to hit the ship

Some unbelievable photos

It is unbelievable how a single wave is powerful enough to destroy a whole ship. We don’t know what happened after this.


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