Your Love Life Will Be Successful If You Follow These Rules


Lovers for life ain’t something practical to be honest. Relationships are not always rainbows and butterflies, we are all differently wired and sometimes these differences come in the way of our love life. Being in a relationship can be full of complexities and demands that need to be met with a calm mind for the survival of the relationship.

Successful relationships aren’t set on rules and regulations that people follow to survive. A relationship’s survival depends a lot upon how well the partners know each other and how well they show up in trying times. But there are certain unspoken mandates that one can follow to make a relationship workout better and ensure longevity.

If you are dating someone, there are certain things you need to know well and certain lines you  shouldn’t cross. Check them out below.

Don’t Chase

It is important to know when someone is not interested in you. If your partner is not equally available and emotionally disconnected then it would be better to let go.

Try Less

Of course one needs to put efforts in your relationship but there’s a fine line between putting efforts and trying too hard. Knowing the difference can save you potential heart break.

Don’t Wait

Patience is virtue but waiting for too long for your partner to come out of something they are going through can be taxing for both of you. It is important to know when you guys need a break.

Be Strict

If your partner knows that you are always open to take them back in, they will continue to walk in and out of relationship with you. So it is important to be strict and put your foot down.

Don’t Shutout 

When you’re facing something hard, shutting out your partner will make things worse for both of you. Letting your partner in can give you a shoulder of support as well.


Communication is the prime key to a successful relationship. Talking about your issues brings in clarity that can go a long way.

Give Space

Personal space is important for everyone. It is important to know when your partner is looking for some ‘me time’ – never push them at that time.

Let Go

All of us carry some kind of emotional baggage but if your partner is still struggling to let go of their past relationship, it would be better if you let them go.


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