Here’s What Your Zodiac Says About Your Bathroom Habits: Completed


Do you like pooping more or peeing? Do zodiacs say about bathroom habits? Yes! In fact, it says a lot, let your zodiac sign disclose about your bizarre bathroom habits.

Here’s what your Zodiac says about your bathroom habits.

1. Libra

They care about their bowels a lot. They get so obsessed with their bowels that they even start minding their food habits, so as to have a perfect poop. They are also very particular about their body, well everybody is!

Zodiac say about bathroom habits

2. Cancer

This zodiac sign can spend their entire time in the bathroom, they consider bathroom as a sacred place and cannot afford to take any shortcuts in the procedures. They perform every single thing in the same manner in which they were taught. These babies are helpful sometimes though!

Here's What Your Zodiac Says About Your Bathroom Habits

3. Aquarius

These are the “peeing machines”! Why on earth do they always have to pee? Now you see the root cause of water scarcity, right? They also use bathrooms for some alone time. Loner zodiac!Here's What Your Zodiac Says About Your Bathroom Habits


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