12 Factors That Indicates You’re a Smart Person


How will you know if someone’s smart or just average? Educationalists say it’s quite impossible to judge a person without an IQ Test, but psychologists say that there are yet some ways to find that out generally. As there’s no machine out there to scale the intelligence, some points have been noted by psychologists who can tell us in a fat round factor about the smartness of the person.

In other words, the smartest choice one ever makes is to seek out clever people in your work relationships. Just to be clear, I don’t mean those who think they’re intelligent but do dumb things. I mean the real deal. Since we don’t have smart meters built into our foreheads, here’s how to tell if someone’s clever person, starting with the obvious:

12 Facts which Indicates you’re Smarter than You Think:

1. Right Decisions:

how smart are you ?

No wonder people who tend to take good decisions often never fail in life, but when there comes the point where you have to choose one out of another, it is the smart person who takes the stand with the finest decisions of all time.

2. Learning from Mistakes:

how smart are you ?

Smart people never forget the lessons they learned from the life and the mistakes they have done. They tend to go slowly in life with the speed in the mind. 

3. Taking Precautions:

how smart are you ?

People who are smart enough take precautions in life and cover up space where the damage can take place. They do things right in the most righteous way. 


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