12 Factors That Indicates You’re a Smart Person


4. They Work Hard for Their Dream:

how smart are you ?

Smartness is counted through the dedication of one in the life for the hope they seek. It can be anything, maybe a job, a dream car or a relationship. Smart people go in the direction of success and work hard daily for the things they wish to achieve. 

5. They Never Give Answers by Mouth but by Work:

how smart are you ?

As the old saying goes, “Who is stupid would say stupid”. People who speak much and say unnecessary things to the other are the biggest IDIOTS. Smart people in contrary are individuals who don’t talk many stupid things and give results to the one who underestimates them.

6. Stay in Smart Surroundings:

how smart are you ?

Individuals who are smart never seek or even as a company of an individual who is not a real man or even a hard worker. Smart people always stay around smart people who have high dreams and stay focused in life.


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