We All Have Met These 12 Types Of Douchebags. Identify Them Before It’s Too Late!


We girls have met various types of douchebags but the main problem arises when you need to identify them. Finding a guy who deserves you is not an easy task, it’s like finding a grain of rice in an Olympic-size swimming pool. There are some fantastic guys among the different types of douchebags you have met and it’s just a question of exercising good judgment to identify them.

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So to save your anguish and time we have some guides for you that will help you identify out these 12 types of douchebags before you get stuck with them.


A douchebag will always lose his temper on you and get defensive when you try to help him out. A good guy will listen to you when you have something to say, take interests in you and your needs and solve your issues maturely.

Identify these 12 types of Douchebags

2.Guys who don’t take their career seriously

Having a good career is often the top priority of any guy. If his career isn’t sorted out, he won’t feel good about himself. A guy needs a good career and job to pay his bills. If he doesn’t have that, it likely won’t work for you both. These types of douchebags are not easy to identify but it’s also not impossible.

Identify these 12 types of Douchebags

3.His insecurities

Men and their ego go hand in hand. The biggest problem a man can have is his ego, so watch that out. A douchebag will never be happy with your success and will see you as a threat. Or the guys who flirt with other girls to make you jealous. So just pass! These guys are not men but just boys.

Identify these 12 types of Douchebags


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