These Stupid Mistakes Changed The Course Of History!


Who doesn’t make mistakes? We all do right, forgetting your car keys, losing your mobiles, even your glasses. But, none of these mistakes seem to make an impact over the world, does it? But these people heavily regret their mistakes that absolutely changed the course of history!

These tiny mistakes changed the course of history and you’d be surprised to know too!

1. A misplaced decimal point made spinach a superfood.


A German chemist calculated the amount of iron found in spinach, and the result was 3.5 mg per 100 mg. He misplaced the decimal point and made the entry as 35mg, this made spinach a superfood despite not being one.

2. A cane caused Hannibal to lose his army.


We all know the great story of Hannibal crossing the Alps. But did you what caused the tragic avalanche which nearly wiped out half of his army? He repeatedly rammed his cane into the snow to prove that the way they were taking was safe which triggered the avalanche.

3. The Berlin Wall came down because of a Beaurauecrat’s speech.

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East German politician gave a speech about revising the travel codes but it was interpreted as if he meant that the travel restrictions were removed completely, on questioning him about the implementation of the changes, he said effective immediately. No sooner did the press ran the clip than travelers swarmed the gates and the wall came down.

4. A missing key led to the sinking of Titanic.


It wasn’t entirely the iceberg’s fault that caused the ship to sink. Right before the ship took a sail, the second officer David Blair was replaced with Charles Lighttoller. But David neglected to hand over the keys to the locker with the binocular.

5. An unlocked gate caused the Constantinople to be seized.

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The Citadel’s wall was so strong that it couldn’t be invaded. When it attacked by Sultan Mahmud II in 1453 the city stayed undefeated until one day somebody forgot to lock the Kerpole gate. That ended the Roman Empire in the Constantinople.

6. Mars Climate Orbiter was lost because the engineers worked in inches.


Yep, might sound weird but the engineers who built the orbiter worked in the Imperial system rather than the metric system and they forgot to inform NASA about it. The orbiter was so wackily sent off that it went completely off course.

7. Bay of Pigs invasion failed because Pentagon forgot about time zones.


During the invasion of Cuba in 1961, the Pentagon forgot about the time differences and the jet fighter planes arrived an hour late.

8. A missed switch that led to rioting in New York City.

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Speaking of mistakes that changed the course of history, when lightning struck the ConEd facility in 1977, the operator needed to switch on a set of switches which would restore power. But he missed one switch and the entire City went offline for 25 hours. The riots began in the city and the damage was later calculated to be $300 million.

9. Hessian soldiers refused a warning note and now lay in the grave.

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When Washington marched on to take back the town of Trenton were Hessian Soldiers were making camp a loyal soldier took a warning note to the Hessian Commander. But he never bothered to read it which caused the defeat.

10. Soviet N1 moon rocket was destroyed because of a loose bolt.

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The Soviets were aiming for the moon but a loose bolt crushed their dreams because a loose bolt got stuck into the fuel pump and led to its complete destruction 20 seconds into its flight.

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