13 Signs That Show You Are Probably Going To Marry Your Girlfriend.


Since the beginning of a relationship, there exist some signs which tell you that you are going to marry your girlfriend. Being in a relationship is a beautiful thing that one can experience. But not all the relationships are so exquisite and people are going for divorce after marriage. And also a majority of relationships are ending with a breakup without going till marriage. This is happening due to a number of reasons. But if the person feels the other that he or she is the one for them the chances of happening this are very minute.

13 such reasons are discussed over her.These signs show that you are probably going to marry your girlfriend – the woman you are with.

1.You smile every time you see her.
When you encounter you girlfriend if a genuine smile is produced on the face you can assume that she’s the one for you. Genuine smile in the sense it is not just produced by contorting lips but it’s like the smile is produced from heart. You experience an inexplicable enthusiasm when she smiles back at you.
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2.Every meeting is like the first meet.
You guys will have something to talk about and you have a chat just like you are talking to yourself. And time will just pass by. Even though hours of time have been spent together after reaching home you might feel like it’s ephemeral.
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3.You feel her as your best friend.
If she is like your best friend you don’t have worry about such things and the relationship goes on very smoothly. This way you feel that you are definitely going to marry your girlfriend.
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4.She supports you in every single aspect.
If she treats your goals and passions as hers and helps in reaching them he could be the best fit for you. And losing someone like them is something you will regret. And having her as you partner will for sure help you excel in your career. If you feel like she’s being supportive regarding your goals you most probably are going to marry her.
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5.You are never inactive when you are with her.
Even if you meet her after a long tiring day or no matter how much work stress is on you, you always feel lively when you are in her company.  The reason is she won’t let you feel depressed.
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6.You guys would never try to change each other.
You guys accept each other for who you truly are. She accepts all your flaws and imperfections. And you do the same with her. But that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t have an impact you.
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7.You don’t feel threatened by her need for space.
Being in a relationship doesn’t mean that you have to all other things aside and dedicate your whole time for her. And you cannot even expect her to renounce everything and live for you. Besides, relationship, each of you has your own priorities and needs some time for them.
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