12 Women You Won’t Believe Who Actually Exist In This World!


Both extraordinary men and women exist in this world. It is easy to distinguish them from each other due to many characteristics that exist. However, those characteristics are similar, like eyes, nose, legs, hands, ears, and many other things. But, we will also see many people who are extraordinary.Being Extraordinary in a sense could be either good or even bad. Well, this may be natural in some cases, and many times people experiment with their different parts of the body. In some cases it may go good, but for at many times it may not.There are various kinds of people that exist who like experimenting with themselves.

We have brought to you the list of 12 women who are extraordinary in one way or other, and whom one won’t believe could exist.

1.Jocelyn Wildenstein-The Cat Lady
Jocelyn Wildenstein, who is called as The Cat Lady has gone through extensive surgeries for getting a Cat like a look. It is rumored that she has spent around $4 million on her plastic surgery. She did this to please her husband who was fond of big cats. She likes her looks very much and says that she’s got exactly what she wanted.
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2.Charity Pierce- Worlds Fattest Women
Charity Pierce, the Worlds Fattest Women has been both praised and criticized for several decisions in her life. She consumes around 10K calories a day, which to be said is enough for a small family. She weighs some 765 pounds. This enormous weight makes it really difficult for her to walk or even to stand.
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3.Julia Gnuse-The Illustrated Lady
Known as a lady illustrated she has 95 percent in the body covered with tattoos. It all started when she was in her 30’s when she developed Porphyria. It’s a condition in which the skin blisters due to sunlight. A plastic surgeon friend of her advised her to get a tattoo on her skin in a pale color around her scars. But it didn’t go well, and she went for colorful tattoos which included her favorite cartoon characters, and also her own portrait too.
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