15 Cringeworthy Marriage Proposals You’d Never Say Yes To!


Let’s face it, all of us (girls!) dream about the day when the love of our life would finally propose us for marriage. We actually day dream about it. There is nothing, I repeat nothing better than being proposed by your Man, down on his knee holding the ring in his hand. But there are some who went too far with it, proposals that will make you want to re-think about your favorite day dream. These marriage proposals are so cringeworthy that it’ll make you run for the hills!

Here are 15 cringeworthy marriage proposals you’d never say yes to! Hoping that your man doesn’t propose you like these here!

1. Ouch! This is really heights of getting dumped!

marriage proposals


2. You might want to buy a ring box instead!

cringeworthy marriage proposalsvia


3. That’s gonna be quite embarrassing if she says “No”!

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