15 Ironic & Torturing Struggles That Every Indian Girl Faces


We are the citizens of a country where a woman is prayed and also preyed. We live in a society where she is respected by all in temples and teased and tortured for being a girl at the back. Sometimes these torturers are parents who don’t wish to give birth to a girl and even if she is born she is tortured by others in the society. If you’re an Indian Girl, you sure must be confused if you’re loved or hated by all.

In all the phases in life, she is told by everyone what to do, what to become, whom to marry and so on. But no one ever asked her, what do you want to do? Where do you want to be? What is your goal? Whom do you want to marry? Did someone ever ask this? NO! She has always been on everyone’s list of criticism. And by chance, if she is stubborn and firm on her decisions about life then, she is boycotted. She is left alone by everyone who was someone close to her once.  

Doesn’t it feel like preyed and victimized around wherever we tend to go? Doesn’t it feel like millions of eyes are slaughtering and raping through eyes? Feels like being teased to be a girl when we don’t even know what our fault is. Is our skirt too short or is it our makeup that we wear? What’s tempting you? Is it the fact that I am bold and happy to live my life my way or the tendency of yours to judge a girl no matter whatever she does?

15 Funny & Torturing Struggles Every Indian Girl Faces Society:

  1. To even be born as an Indian Girl. Half of the population abort the girl child even today in 21st century because they have this mindset that boy can run the family much better.Indian girl
  2. Now when you are born. It’s lucky of you if you are studying or your parents support you for education.Indian Girl
  3. If you are studying. Are you respected by others or teased? Are boys following you when you go out of the school and are you secured? Well, we all know the answer.Indian Girl


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