Get Ready To Shit Your Pants For Here Are 18 Scariest Stories Ever To Freak You Out This Halloween


Halloween is almost upon us, and haven’t we heard the usual batch of spooky stories, myths and legends that go with the festival, so many times that we’re not scared anymore. But these scariest stories will steal your sleep.

So here we are, with 18 scariest stories ever, that would freak the hell out of you and chill you to the bones this Halloween!

  1. Ghosts one can deal with, people are terrifying

“I was riding my bike home late one night and coming my way is a big guy with sunglasses on. He gets me to stop and says, “Do you mind if I ask you some questions?” The fact that he said ‘questions’ weirded me out so I said, “no sorry, I have to go” and I started riding away.

At the next block, there was a red light so I stopped, I look back and the guy is running towards me. He is about 20 feet away and I freak out and just go. He got as close as about 5 feet from me before I pulled away.

I’m sprinting on my bike and like 3 or 4 blocks away I’m far away and I look back…he’s still chasing me. I never pedalled so hard in my life all the way home.”
These are really scarie Stories.

scariest stories



  1. Every step you take. Every poop you make. Every single day, every time you strain, he’ll be watching you

“I was like 12 in a bathroom stall at Walmart, you know, using the bathroom, and I got this super weird feeling that someone was watching me. I slowly moved my eyes upward and toward the adjacent stall and there was some old fucker standing on the toilet, watching me shit. I was terrified of public bathrooms for years, and they still make me uncomfortable.”

These scariest stories are killing me.

scariest stories



  1. What if she had been just a second slower? I don’t even want to imagine it. Tops the list of scariest stories.

“I checked back over my shoulder a few times, and then saw the guy come out of the bushes and start looking around. He had been waiting for me to pass by. When I didn’t, he came out to look. He locked eyes with me for what seemed like 10 seconds but was probably two as my adrenaline was maxing out.

Then he started to run at me. Jesus f*ck I turned and ran like I’ve never run before. I didn’t turn around to check but could hear his feet on the pavement behind me. Just over two blocks and I got to my flat with my keys in my hand. I opened the lock like lightning, and as I turned to slam the door, he was RIGHT THERE. The door closed shut a split second before he hit it.”

I’m sorry but these scariest stories will not let you sleep

scariest stories



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