20 Of The Images Showing How Social Media Influencing Us


Social media is a craze, this craze can lead to madness at times. People at times get so obsessed with creating their false image on the internet that they drift really far away from reality. But, to be really honest, this has more negative impacts on them than the positive ones.

These images show what is wrong with this generation and how social media is influencing them!

1. 4 cameras for taking a single picture? Has nobody ever heard of enjoying the moment?
social media

2. You know that you’re highly addicted to taking selfies when you know that you would risk missing your lecture.
social media
3. Whoa, whoa, whoa, there is literally a bull behind your back that is going to prove to be your death and all you can think of is getting it on camera?
social media
4. When you want a mirror selfie but you don’t realize that it is a double way mirror so you’re basically a joke for the people on the inside.social media
5. Dude, you seriously need help, he literally took multiple gadgets to get one perfect selfie?
social media6. Oh well, when you have loyal friends who would help you no matter what you can make a selfie stick with broom.
social media
7. You should at least watch that you’re heading towards a complete fail. Man, this is hilarious!
social media
8. When you’re a tough man who needs no one’s help, but you have no one to take your pictures except your dear old granny.
9. That is some dedication for an Instagram post, dude, literally have fun instead of pretending to have fun.

10.  Another example, what this selfie obsession does to you, lost all your common sense?

11. That my friend, is not a candid, due, like why do you need this absurd selfie anyway?

12. Okay, this is literally creating new heights of stupidity, I would never ever dare to play with my life like that.

13. They had received their order 15 mins earlier. Dude, there is something wrong with this generation.
14. I’ll never understand why do people need to be so fake on the internet?

15.  These people don’t even realize the gravity of the situation, they are more concerned about getting a selfie with a cop.

16. Stepping up your selfie game?

17. This is exactly what I hate about this social media-driven generation.
18.  Liar, liar.

19. And the classic, “Bae takes my selfie.” lie.

20. Who needs a selfie while drinking water? Insane.

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