25 Hilarious Supermarket Fails That Will Make You LOL Hard.


Supermarkets are continuously trying to introduce new ways for us to buy the things they are supplying. They are constantly filling up their racks and shelves with more and more colorful labels and adverts that tell us if there is any special discount or promotion going on in the store. But unfortunately, sometimes supermarket fails so bad that they’re actually hilarious.

Although the blame has to be on the designer of the advertisement but eventually the one who placed them on the shelves and the racks are to be blamed. They were so engrossed in their own little world that they didn’t even notice what they are putting on the shelves and where. Sometimes placing the labels on the shelves in the supermarket fails hilariously.

Below are some of the hilarious supermarket fails that will make you laugh till your cheeks hurt.

1.We don’t get this kind of amazing service anywhere else.
supermarket fails


 2.Does it float on water?
supermarket failsvia

 3.Oh! Thank you for such a warm welcome!
supermarket failsvia

 4.It isn’t how I remember my school certainly.
supermarket failsvia

 5.Happy Valentine’s day!
supermarket failsvia


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