What if animals celebrated Halloween Party? Imagination taken to a whole new level!


Animals and Halloween? What will they dress up as? Other animals? Took me by surprise too! Simpon’s Illustration here shows us what may exactly happen if animals celebrated Halloween! This person has illustrated it in such a realistic sense that it makes you wonder, “this can happen right?”

One more thing is, you can never get bored looking at these… I bet you will be craving for more by the time you reach the end!

So… without any more delay, below are the typical scenarios of “What if Animals Celebrated Halloween Party?”

1. Medusa will be shocked to see this…

Animals celebrated Halloween

2. When you just be you and others think it as a costume!

Animals celebrated Halloween party

3. And then, the opposite!


4. We? Are there two of you? Oh my God!


5. Ghosts or No-ghosts party?



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