This Artist Embroiders X-Rays And It’s Both Creepy And Incredible At The Same Time


Matthew Cox, based in Florida, the United States of America, who has reportedly finished about 30 embroiders on X-Rays prints of people’s and animals’ bodies. He has finished his works on a lot of subjects like Disney characters to animals and beautiful flowers, and even classics from Greek mythology. His work is very widely appreciated and is often taken into his exhibitions. This new form art is liked by critics, but some people find it very bizarre and dislike to look at them. Cox considers the radiographs as cold and emotionless objects, while the embroidery brings the idea of care and love, which enable healing of injured people.

The contrast of these two materials redefines the roles of each and creates a unique combination. “By combining the cold, blue, medical x-rays plastic with the colorful, decorative and tactile embroidery line, each object is removed from its original intent and creates a new entity. Manipulating these media also gives me the opportunity to comment on the growing presence of photography in contemporary art, introducing work on the speed, smoothness of the film,” said Matthew Cox.

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So here are some of this artist’s amazing work that will blow up your mind!

1.Head skull with beautiful red hair, and bangs.Artist Embroiders X-Rays

2. Ever seen a rib-cage with such determined face and red hair with it?Artist Embroiders X-Rays 3. Intrinsic and Extrinsic minged into beauty.Artist Embroiders X-Rays 4. All the complications of the brain, embroidered.Artist Embroiders X-Rays 5. A skull, with beautiful red lips and a wrinkled face embroidered.Artist Embroiders X-Rays 6. Water just below femur and not knees.Artist Embroiders X-Rays 7. “Can we be friends?”, a skeleton with embroidered hands and flowers asked.Artist Embroiders X-Rays 8. Palms reaching their depths.Artist Embroiders X-Rays 9. Isn’t it so beautiful and creepy simultaneously?Artist Embroiders X-Rays 10. A suited man, caressing a yellow blossom.Artist Embroiders X-Rays 11. In the garden, of embroidery.Artist Embroiders X-Rays 12. Snow white with beautiful rib-cage.Artist Embroiders X-Rays 13. Feet on the beautiful ground.Artist Embroiders X-Rays 14. Let’s look at each other when our ribs face each other too.Artist Embroiders X-Rays 15. A skeleton said, “the embroidered flower is delicate.”.Artist Embroiders X-Rays 16. Taurus head from its X-RayArtist Embroiders X-Rays 17. Flower-Arrangement!Artist Embroiders X-Rays 18. The half-man looked up with an embroidered eye.Artist Embroiders X-Rays 19. You can fly if you embroider wings in them.Artist Embroiders X-Rays 20. The beautiful herself.Artist Embroiders X-Rays

Art has been a source of entertainment for people who create it and enjoy or feel them since ages and we have seen a lot of artists with different kinds and styles of art since art is there. We’ve known scriptures and textures and have been appreciating them til today. Among a lot of artists, the most famous names recount Leonardo DaVinci, Pablo Picasso, Michelangelo, Claude Monet etc. but we believe that there is an artist of our age, who creates art like in no other known way, artist who embroiders X-Rays prints into real forms, using different kinds of fabrics and colors. The outcome, a beautiful, incredible art piece, that looks very bizarre. X-rays seen that way have not been seen before, neither is this kind of embroiders This makes it look very delicate and sophisticated, yet so creepy, that it makes people lose their minds.


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