Want Your Baby To Be Smart? Here Are 8 Ways To Make Your Baby Smarter Even Before Birth!


You already know that living a healthy lifestyle while you’re expecting helps your baby grow big and strong, but did you know it can make them smarter too even before birth? Every mom wants their child to be intelligent and strong but making them smarter before birth is not as difficult as you think it is. The simple choices the expecting mother makes every day be it exercising or chewing green leafy vegetables, it all helps you make the fetus smarter.

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Here are some tips to jump-start your child’s cognitive development and make baby smarter even before your him/her arrives in the world!


Exercise may not seem to do anything with the baby’s intelligence but it sure does. Fit moms develop larger placentas with greater capacity to transport oxygen and nutrients in, and waste products out that help your child to get smarter.

Ways To Make Your Baby Smarter Even Before Birth

2.Listen to good music

Listening to music helps you and your child to soothe and relax. Lullabies, classical music and children’s songs are some genres you can listen to. Any music that the mother enjoys will be pleasant for your child.

Ways To Make Your Baby Smarter Even Before Birth

3.Bond with touch

Babies are sensitive to touch and will begin to move and touch themselves by week 8. When the baby has developed and is big enough to kick and move, touching will create a bond and stimulate the baby.

Ways To Make Your Baby Smarter Even Before Birth


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