No Shave November – Beards Sported By Celebs All Around The World.


With No Shave November going on when men who can grow their beards out. Our celebs grow  amazing beards too.

Here are some of the most cool beards sported by celebs around the world for you to get inspired by.

Beard Shave


1. Christian Bale.

Celebs Beards Shavevia

Here we see another one of famous celebs, the gifted actor most famous for portraying Bruce Wayne in Christopher Nolan’s Batman Trilogy sport a manly goatee and moustache.

2.Ryan Reynolds.

Beard Shavevia

We all loved Ryan Reynold’s depiction of Deadpool but his beards in Blade: Trinity is still considered his best look till date.

3.Ben Affleck.

Beard Shavevia

Ben Affleck took up the mantle of Batman after Christian Bale. Here he seems to be competing with him in the Beards game as well.. 


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