Beat The Summer Heat With These Girly Hacks


Summer is not just about the heat, it is also about that unsettling body odor, a sticky feeling, itchy scalp, dry and frigid hair, tanned skin and more. While you cannot fight the weather god, you can surely try out these hacks to make your life easier in summer.

Put On Some Baby Powder

Try putting on some baby powder. While they effuse a nice aroma, they can also absorb the sweat for a long time.

Choose Cotton Linen

To beat the heat you need to choose only cotton linen for bed. These are breathable and aid in the flow of air to ease you into the bed.

Put On Some Coconut Oil

If you are dying to get into the pool, put on some coconut oil in your hair. This will prevent you from getting dry hair from the chlorine in the pool.

Get A Trim

Heat, dust, and sweat can cause a lot of harm to your hair. Trim those overgrown ends to discourage split ends.

Freeze Some Aloe Vera

Put some aloe vera in the freezer and just polish your skin with frozen aloe vera. This will offer superb cooling comfort.

Use Plastic Bags To Save The Mobile

If you are heading to the beach, use plastic bags to wrap the mobile and save it from water and sand.

Keep The Underarms Dry

Freaking out with sweaty underarms? It is time to get innovative. Put a panty liner on the underarm part of T-shirt to soak out the sweat and keep you dry.

Windproof Your Skirt

Don’t want to get into that infamous Marilyn Monroe pose? Stick some coins on the inside edge of your skirt.

Use Oil Free Moisturizer

Using an oil-free moisturizer in the morning can save you from melting makeups in summer.

Go For Lip Stains

Ditch the heavy lipsticks and go for lip stains. They offer long-lasting coverage and are perfect for summer.


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