Celebrities Behind Your Favorite Disney Characters’ Voices


We all have different choices and tastes when it comes to picking our favorite celebrities. Also, there are many different Disney characters  which we love. But imagine if your favorite celebrity and your favorite Disney character is same. You’ll be surprised and excited to know the real voices of your favorite Disney characters!

Here is the list of some of the Disney Characters along with the respective celebrity who gave voices to the Disney Characters

1. Linda Hunt

Disney Characters voices


Linda Hut is the celebrity who gave the voice to  Grandmother Willow, the insightful tree in Pocahontas.

2. Nathan Lane

 disney characters


Do you remember the famous and notorious ‘Timon’ ? He was voiced by ‘Nathan Lane’ who also did a role in  The Bird Cage.

3. Mae Whitman

Disney Characters


The cute character of ‘Tinker Bell’ in Disney’s Fairy Movies was given the voice by ‘Mae Whitman’ who also worked in the movie ‘Hope Floats’. 


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