13 Of The Quirkiest Oneliners From Birthday Boy Matthew Perry aka “Chandler Bing”


Happy Birthday, Chandler Bing. We cannot even begin to share the number of laughs that this character has provided us all. Friends has become a cult and Matthew Perry has a lot to do with it. He has been the immediate fan favorite from day one and there was no looking back. His sarcasm made us laugh out loud and his relationship with Monica gave us some serious Boyfriend (and later husband) Goals.

We at Sarcasm, wish Chandler Bing a very happy Birthday by listing down 13 of his best one-liners.

1. Janice: I brought you something.

Chandler Bing : Is it loaded?

Quirkiest Chandler Bing Oneliners

2. Chandler – Here’s the phone bill.

Joey – Oh my God!

Chandler – No,that’s our phone no.

Quirkiest Chandler Bing Oneliners

3. Ross: I went to the tanning place your wife suggested.

Chandler Bing : Was that place the sun?

Quirkiest Chandler Bing Oneliners


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