Chilean Artist Presents Disney Princesses In a Modern Way And We’re Spellbound!


Disney has been our entire childhood. We’ve grown up watching the characters who have to some extent shaped us into who we are. But, some of them have really given us false notions like, there is always gonna be a Prince Charming to your rescue, well this ain’t true. Well, a Chilean artist is creating these delicate princesses in a modern way and we are at a loss of words.

This Chilean Artist is creating our favorite Disney Princesses In a Modern way we are definitely smitten by each one of them!

Fernanda Suarez, a Santiago based artist has brought the Disney Princesses to the 21st century. She uses computer graphics to bring them to life portraying them as modern and independent women who are only dependent on themselves and not some Prince to come to their rescue.

1. Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs, she definitely looks modern and way too confident than she was before.disney princesses

2. Aurora, The Sleeping Beauty, This version of hers doesn’t need a man to come and kiss her to awaken her from a deep sleep. She would rather face the evil herself.
disney princesses3. Cinderella, She looks so pretty, still believing in wishes I see!
disney princesses4. Pocahontas, Her long hair and modern Asian beauty is really making her so much more attractive.
disney princesses
5. Tiana, The Princess And The Frog. A dark beauty, who knows her worth and isn’t gonna take any BS from anybody!
disney princesses6. Mulan, ready to help China once again? She looks stunning in her new transformation.

7. Merida, Brave. Beauty and courage like never before. But this time without bow and arrows, only with your talents and hard work. Face the world. Be brave!
8. Jasmine, Aladdin. She looks so sensual and beautiful, definitely doesn’t need a Prince to marry her. With determination in her eyes like that she will surely be a Queen herself and rule the world!
9. Rapunzel, She may look delicate but definitely knows how to face evil witches herself.
10. Ariel, this time she isn’t gonna leave everything behind for a Prince. This time she will only do what’s right for herself.
11. Belle, Beauty and The Beast. Belle is now truly living her adventurous life on her own terms with not a care in the world.
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