These Comics Perfectly Show What Bra Shopping Is Like!


Bra shopping is always awkward and especially when it’s your first bra. Well, being a guy  I don’t know much about it but it’s a common thing and everybody knows what it’s like. You have to go through almost all the sizes to find a perfect one that fits you. And it’s not just the sizes that confuse a girl, but the styles too. So, what do you do? You grab lots of bras in different shapes and sizes and spend 1-2 hrs in the trial room.

bra shopping comics

Here we are gonna show you how bra shopping be like via comics. They are just spot on and every girl can relate to this.

Take a look at the comics by College Humor that perfect shows what bra shopping is like.


1. When you realize that your old bras don’t fit anymore and they look disgusting.

bra shopping comics

2. When you unsuccessfully try to figure out your bra size at home

bra shopping comics

3. Mentally preparing yourself that it’s just a bra shopping and there is nothing to worry about

bra shopping comics


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