Know This Common Cause behind Food Poisoning And Protect Yourself.


Listeria: This is the type of infection which can lead to the listeriosis named food poisoning which at general hits over those pregnant women or the newborns or also to the adults. This disease, if affects pregnant woman can also lead to miscarriage like conditions. Symptoms for Listeria are fever, muscle ache or also nausea sometimes.

Cause behind food poisoning

Botulism: This is the type of infection linked to food poisoning that can lead to causing paralysis at the end. The main source of this disease is that contaminated food which includes green beans, corn and beets. A person affected by this can face symptoms like double vision, dry mouth, weakness in muscles and loose eyelids.

Cause behind food poisoning

Mentioned above are those basic types of infections which can be considered as a major cause behind causing this food poisoning kind of disease. So, it is important for one to take proper care of what they are eating so as to prevent themselves from getting in any kind of conditions mentioned above.

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