Controversial Pictures That Had Greatest Impact In The History


In our history, People faced struggles for equal rights. Their effort allows us to live in a modern society where we can have our own choices. Now, you can choose your hobbies and jobs with full freedom. These are some historical photos that show how some rules stunned public ethics in the past-

1. The first woman to run the Boston Marathon


In 1967, Kathrine Switzer became the first woman ever to run in the Boston marathon. Besides, five years earlier, it was not possible for a woman to take part in it. This picture shows how the organiser tried to take her away from the race.

2. Shorts Caused Car Crash


This picture was taken in 1937 when two girls appeared with uncovered legs in public and caused an accident because of it in Toronto.

3. First Female Tattoo Artist


In 1907, Maud Wagner was the first woman to become a tattoo artist. Later, she covered her entire body in tattoos.

4. A Swimsuit Pose


Annette Kellermann, who was a professional swimmer, a writer and film actress posed in a swimsuit. But, later in 1907, authorities arrested her with the charge of indecent behaviour.

5. First Black Students


In 1957, the Supreme Court of the United States made it illegal for schools to segregate children. This photo shows Elizabeth Eckford who was a part of an African-American group. She was the first black students to attend the classes.

6. Fight Against Indecent Swimsuits


In this photo of actress Lila Lee in 1920, she is wearing a traditional swimming suit to fight against indecent swimsuits. At that time, in the USA, there was a particular league that consisted of fanatical morality proponents.

7. First Formula One Woman Racer


Maria Teresa, an Italian racing driver, was the first woman ever to take part in a Formula One race.

8. Founder of Women’s basketball


This picture shows the first ever American basketball team including the founder Senda Berenson. She played a significant role in modifying the existing men’s basketball rules that were in invented in 1891.

9. War on Styles


To fight against longer skirts and padded hips in 1947, the Members of the “Women’s Organization to War restrained a dress shop of California.

10. Miniskirt Revolution


Mary Quant who was a designer by profession created a revolution in the women fashion industry by presenting a miniskirt.

11. Shorts Ban


After the ban of tight-fitting slacks, shorts and pedal-pushers in a school of West Berlin, you can see these two girls, coming back to change their clothes on their cycles.


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