These Crazy Incidents Actually Happened Inside The Aeroplane!


Traveling by an aeroplane is something which every person for once in their life wants to have an experience of. Obviously, who on this earth would not love to have that view from the top of this world? And hearing those all times awesome facilities in an aeroplane do make every one of us too much eager to give this thing a try. You know at least for once! But as they say, there are always some crazy facts concerned with everything. So is the case in here, with aeroplane companies, staff, and the passengers. And these crazy incidents described in here would prove it as too much a fact to ignore.
Crazy incidents in aeroplane

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Know that getting a knowledge about these crazy incidents linked to an aeroplane might make you go insane or might make you think twice before booking a seat next time. Now, without any further ado, let’s discuss over some of those real insane and crazy incidents.

1. A little Rap maybe: Well, you know, that while traveling in aeroplane, the flight attendants in there do give you proper instructions about everything. So was the case in here, but to engage people in a much better way, flight attendant rather decided to make it sound more interesting. And thus, he decided to rap over the instructions to passengers. No doubt, they must have enjoyed it, but isn’t this really crazy?

2. A man hostess or a woman: Okay, this is about the founder, actually the billionaire founder of Virgin Atlantic, named as Richard Branson. He, back in May 2011, is believed to act crazy and become the flight attendant for AirAsia. And the reason behind this is believed to be the bet with Tony Fernandez, which he lost.
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3. Captain, not well: This incident was quite serious in the complete history of United airlines. It is about an aeroplane which had 136 passengers, whose captain fell ill. And so, it made this flight take an emergency landing to get the captain treated.
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4. Hard fight, well: It was around 2010 when a flight attendant named as Steven Slater, after getting in a huge fight with one of the passengers in Jetblue flight, announced he was quitting the job. Oh no, this doesn’t really end here, after announcing this on public address system, he insanely opened up the emergency slide. Okay, that was really insane!
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5. Compensation, for what?: This incident resulted in falling off of bag on some lady’s head. It happened in China Eastern lines as a result of which this woman named as Kalisfena Egorova asked for compensation. Okay, you need to know the amount, its $200,000 dollars.
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6. Burning engine: This is about the flight which was heading towards Russia from the area of Spain during the year of 2014. A passenger in this flight captured a picture of burning engine which obviously was not good at all.
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7. An insane flight attendant, maybe: Can you imagine some flight attendant picking up a small baby and locking him/her in an overhead bin? Well, if not! Then, know that it happened. According to Natalie Williamson, a passenger from Virgin Blue, one of the flight attendants in there picked her 17-month-old child and locked him.
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8. Bomb Scare: It is actually about a mother who, because of her fear, issued the hoax that there is a bomb inside the plane. What fear, you say? Well, her daughter was boarding the plane and without any doubt, she was afraid.
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9. Overbooking: And this one is totally going to make your mind blow off! It is actually about the flight that was flying from Chicago to Louisville. In this, as a result of overbooking, a passenger was dragged out of the plane forcefully. Well, yes there is also a video recording made of same by some co-passenger in there.

And obviously, people were already offended watching this and came up with their reactions in a different manner. Presented below is just one and certainly best of them!

10. Appropriately dressed: And, there it is! The one more incident from United airlines according to which they three of the girls were not allowed to board the plane, only because of their appropriate dressing. That is actually weird!

Crazy incidents in aeroplane

So, described above are some of those insane and crazy incidents which took place inside different aeroplane lines. And obviously made people go Woh!


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