Do You Know Why Crushed Stones Are Placed On Railway Tracks?


I’m sure you have seen pebbles, crushed stones on railway tracks, but have you ever wondered why there are placed in between railway tracks? This is really a good scientific question with an interesting answer.

Crushed stones on railway tracks


We all love crossing railway tracks, and for some people it’s a part of their daily life, but walking on those crushed stones is not a cakewalk. And from the design perspective, think about the challenge faced by running miles of narrow ribbons of steel track on top of the ground: they are subject to heat expansion and contraction, ground movement and vibration. Put all this together, and you have yourself a really, really interesting problem that was first solved nearly 200 years ago, and hasn’t been improved since!

These are the answers for this interesting question that why do crushed stones are kept on railway tracks

#These crushed stones between train tracks are called ballast

crushed stone on railway tracksvia

# The crushed stones are meant to keep the wooden rail ties in place

crushed stones on railway tracksvia 


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