21 Mind Blowing Facts About China That Will Leave You Shocked!


A lot of people claim to know about China only by knowing a few famous Chinese dishes and products. But there are many mind blowing facts that’ll make you think Why? and How?

Here are 21 mind blowing facts about China that you definitely would want to know.

1.While training how to march the arms of the soldiers are wired  and attached to poles in order to ensure uniform arm height.

mind blowing facts about china


2. When new soldiers are trained to always keep their chin up a small but very sharp pin is placed facing upwards through their collar. (can’t imagine what happens if they put their chin down!)

mind blowing facts about chinavia

3. Speaking of mind blowing facts, did you know that ketchup was actually a Chinese invention? It was originally a pickled fish sauce called ke-tsiap.

mind blowing facts about chinavia

4. Playstations and other foreign gaming consoles are banned in China. (So not cool bro!)

mind blowing facts about chinavia 


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