Daughter Teaches Dad How To Take Selfie And We Are In Awe!


Our parents do a lot for us don’t they, so it’s really our responsibility to help them with things as well. But a lot of us don’t seem to have the patience to do so. Well, one girl definitely has time for her dad, and let me tell you this is the sweetest thing you’ll ever see. This daughter teaches dad how to click a selfie and we are really in tears with the results.

These amazing photos of how a daughter teaches dad how to take selfie will make you go Aww!

I don’t think that there is anything cuter than older folks learning technology. And if the outcome is as sweet as this, I have all the time in the world to teach them.

A sheep farmer in Australia was recently introduced to selfies by her daughter, and now he just can’t get enough of it.

Well, who needs a companion when you have two absolutely beautiful photogenic dogs. But, wait for it, he has a photogenic sheep as well!

This man after learning the art of selfie clicking decided to post his hard work on a Facebook page called “Cool Dog Group”. These pure and absolutely innocent pictures didn’t take much time to go viral!

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Can a dog really really do that?

daughter teaches dad how to selfie

Okay, doggo, you can have my soul. I’m literally, deeply, madly and truly in love with you.

daughter teaches dad how to selfie

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Okay, so the sheep are in on this too! Well, this is an absolute delight!

daughter teaches dad how to selfie

This is how the internet was caught in the awe of these photos!

Sir, I am most definitely in agreement with you. I’m nowhere close to that doggo! (Teach me please <3)

daughter teaches dad how to selfie

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Don’t we all wish for that to be true!

daughter teaches dad how to selfie

I really want this dog to turn into a man so I can marry him. 

daughter teaches dad how to selfieWell, I think everybody can raise their glasses to that!

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daughter teaches dad how to selfie

Not everyone’s that lucky homey!

daughter teaches dad how to selfie


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