18 Annoyingly Dumb Things Women Are Tired Of Hearing


Don’t we absolutely hate it when we hear the same dumb things again and again? And to that frustrating repetition add dumb-beyond-imagination-logic, that just about sums up the cliché stuff women are tired of hearing. Personally, I feel the need to hammer anyone down who utters such nonsense, which planet are you from exactly?


Let’s list out the list of absolutely dumb things that women are tired of hearing, that make them control the urge to kill the speaker, on daily basis:


1. Not such a short haircut! Girls look good in long hair

And you would look good without a tongue in your mouth. Let’s try that, shall we?

dumb things women are tired of hearing


2. You like cricket! You gotta be kidding me

Because guys had a holy matrimony with sports in heaven itself, excluding girls, right? Please stop uttering such dumb things.

 tired of hearing


3. I don’t think you should do blah blah blah! anything alone

Yep, remember to be there the next time I take a poop because why leave me alone then either.

tired of hearing



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