These Four Sisters Clicked Photos In The Same Pose Every Year For 40 Years And Here’s How Much They Changed


We all have our photos from different times of our life and they may be years old or just taken. They may be with your siblings or anyone else and they are memories of your past. These photos of the four sisters in a span of 40 years show how much we have changed in different aspects of time.

Same did happen with these four sisters who took a photo in 1976. They normally took a photo of themselves in a field by the help of Nicholas Nixon, the photographer. He developed an idea of taking these photos yearly in the same pose and then compare them for years of changes all of the siblings went through. He also made that field the permanent place for taking the photographs.

The best part about that was the relation of the sisters were never affected by lapse of time and it showed their pure interest in the photography project taken up by Nicholas Nixon.

Let’s take a look at this collection of photos that was featured in the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA). It covers a span of 40 years which have been displayed by us at a gap of two years each.

1. 1976


The first photo and start of the project of the coming years. They might be in their teenage around 16-26 years old.

2. 1978


The middle two became complete adults and the other two started entering the first stage.

3. 1980


Everyone’s mature by now, even their clothing pattern has changed.

4. 1982


Everyone is an adult now.

5. 1984


Never expected that these sisters would transform into such beautiful women. They’re gorgeous.

6. 1986


10 years passed since this alternate yearly project started and by now they all are happily married.

7. 1988


Now it’s 12 years of photos and everyone has changed their hairstyles.

8. 1990


Another photo session at the same field with the same siblings. 


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