Fun Facts About Disney Classic Aladdin You Probably Didn’t Know!


Disney Classic Aladdin is a 1992 American animated musical fantasy film produced by Walt Disney Feature Animation and released by Walt Disney Pictures. We all know about the achievements and records the movie made, but what we are unaware of are the fun facts about this Disney classic.

Carry on with this article to find all the 12 incredibly fun facts about the Disney classic Aladdin.

1. Tom Cruise’s role in how the film turned out.

Aladdin was originally based on Michael J. Fox but the filmmakers felt that he wasn’t manly enough. That is when they decided to use Tom Cruise as an inspiration, keeping in mind that Tom had an exclusive air of confidence and swagger that brought Aladdin’s character to facts, aladdin, disney classic


2. Initially, Robin Williams wasn’t considered for the role.

Many renowned celebrities like John Candy, Steve Martin, Eddie Murphy and John Goodman were considered for the role. Then finally, senses got knocked into the filmmakers and Robin Williams got the job.

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3. The applause sign was actually meant for the audience.

In the preview screenings, no one clapped after the songs, so the animators added an “Applause” sign to encourage the audience to applaud after the song, ‘A Friend Like Me’. When this worked out, the filmmakers decided to keep that in the movie.

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