9 Funniest “Friends Moments” To Recall The Memory Of The Show


Funniest “Friends Moments ”

The finale of Friends was 12 years ago, but we still love it, don’t we? We don’t miss a single re-run of it on Comedy Central. We have cried and laughed and went along the roller coaster life of the cast. But not once has it failed to brighten our dark, dull mood.

So today let’s once again revisit those funniest friends moments which cracked us up, laughing till we felt our face was going to be like the Joker permanently!

  1. When Ross and Monica find out they kissed

When it was revealed that Monica’s “mystery midnight kisser” had been none other than Ross, who had kissed her, under a pile of coats, thinking that she was Rachael. To top the awkward moment, comes Chandler’s sarcastic remark, “What did I marry into”!

Funniest "Friends Moments"


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  1. French being murdered by Joey

We loved Joey, in fact, it was his French speaking skills that won our heart.

Funniest "Friends Moments"

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