Funny Comics For People Who Are Into Dark Humor


Nowadays everything is funny to everyone and no one wants to be sad and not laugh at something just because it’s serious as that can get them away from their own sadness. The best thing we as humans have discovered to laugh ourselves are mainly memes, comics, live actions among other stuff that makes fun of stuff which people see and laugh their s$$es off. Somethings are not to be made fun of as they can trigger some section of the society and that’s definitely not good but when you have seen enough humor stuff you can’t laugh like normal people and that’s when dark humor comes to your rescue. J. L. Westover aka Mr. Lovenstein’s has comics that make fun of life, depression, anxiety and other stuff that shouldn’t be made fun of but it’s funny, so there we are.

Below are some funny comics for people who are into dark humor:

When life fools you.

And there’s no success after hard work.

Trying to be an Extrovert.

dark humor

Every introvert can definitely relate to that and laugh at themselves.

Sleep is so tiring.

dark humor

Nevermind I’ll sleep again so I lose the tiredness I got from sleeping, it’s a neverending cycle.

Nothing has much value in life.

dark humor

I can totally relate to that, once I want something badly and when I get it, I just don’t care.

Everyone hates show-off’s, right?

You could have come down normally but nah!

I wish this happened in my class.

dark humor

Like the teacher is surprised for one brief moment and then the Bomb is dropped.

Parents can kill their spawns.

dark humor

You’re a burden on them, aren’t you, and who likes to lift weight for no reason?

The world nowadays tbh.

Everyone can relate to this and will share this, don’t worry.

The cry-baby types.

dark humor

You can act cool and all and what will hurt you is something as small as this.


dark humor

Imagine if this really happened with you when you were inside.

The smart giraffe.

He definitely is an American or who gets guns this easily, right?

Definitely an Optimist.

As an optimist, he should see himself as half a f*cking idiot.

Corporate life sucks.

dark humor

Both of them cry together for eternity.

Guess who’s more important?

But, would you buy me a cheeseburger?

Rejection isn’t definitely a bliss.


Dark humor combined with real life is so personally attacking.


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